Smoke all day, pork all night

The Porkchop says: Smoke all day, pork all night. Now, you know what that means: meat’s gotta be cooked low and slow. Means you’re up early in the morning, setting’ up that fire just the way it’s supposed to be, bringin’ that temperature to the just right place.

And you know all this is taking place AFTER all the work you did the past couple of days getting the meat ready: Makin’ the rub, the mop, the sauce; gettin’ that rub on at just the right time for it to bring the meat to that place where when it goes on the smoke, there’s going to be some mighty harmonic convergence of flavors of wood, smoke, rub, mop and meat, so a long time later when it’s time for the meat to come off the smoke, and rest a while, some whole lotta people are gonna be real glad you did all that!.

Oh, yeah, smoke all day, pork all night!

All the best to all y’all,
“Where there’s smoke, there’s meat!”
– Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree

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