A Classic Kansas City Fried Chicken Thang!

The Porkchop don’t want to tell anyone where to eat barbecue in Kansas City. Way too personal.

Kansas City is The Porkchop’s home town you know, and The Porkchop’s Mama ate Bryant’s barbecue, the night The Porkchop was born. So that’s why the earliest barbecue Porkchop remembers is Arthur Bryant’s. And back in the day when Gates was at the top of the game, and before Gates became an enterprise rather than a barbecue place, the Porkchop was a regular Strouds-Pan-Fried-Chicken-1940

customer.All that aside, I will go out and tell you that if you’re in Kansas City you and you feel the NEED FOR FEED, you bes’ git y’sef over to Stroud’s: http://www.stroudsrestaurant.com






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