What a fine day it was to smoke three racks of St. Louis style ribs and enjoy excellent conversation and some fine bourbon with a good friend. If you read yesterday’s post, you know I seasoned three racks with three different rubs that I’ve been working on and wrapped them up for today’s cook. DSC_0535

Fired up the pit about eleven this morning and had a good fire going by noon. Started mixing up the baste and suddenly: NO BAY LEAVES! Perish the thought. Off to H-E-B and back with just what I needed to finish up the wet portion, and put those racks into the Hasty Bake. Fuel? Charcoal, oak, apple. Sa-weet Smoke! About two hours in, we’re looking good and it’s time to start the basting. A little apple juice, Worcestershire, some vinegar, onion powder, a little rub, some fullsizeoutput_8cecayenne and that bay leaf I’d gone to fetch earlier, and I’m ready to put on painter’s whites and start brushing it on.  


Pretty darned good, as it turns out! The differences between the three rubs were slight but noticeable. The 3.2, one of my earlier creations is a simple, smooth rub, with a good balance of sweet and spice. Version 12.5 had excellent heat but I found it a little heavy on the sugar. 

The 12.5.1 came it at pretty much just right. Balance, good savories and a little hint of heat that lingered in the finish and left the flavor of the rib to stay with you. 

Many thanks to my good friend and excellent cook Darwin, of “Giant Barbecue” for helping me lower the weight of that bourbon bottle and for the excellent conversation and fellowship as the smoke was rising on those tasty st. Louie’s

All the best to all y’all. Vincent - 1
“Where there’s smoke, there MEAT!”
– Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree


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