It’S SUNDAY: “S” IS FOR “Stop moppin’, and eat those ribs!”

Well, it’s been a long, GREAT day, of smokin’ up these three racks of baby backs. Put the rub on yesterday, got the fire going about 11 this mornin’, and well, as you see, they came out just as near perfect as this Porkchop can can get ’em! IMG_0605.JPGBeen working on the rub recipe for about three months, and I think we’re gonna call this
one. We’re gonna be repeating this one a bunch.


A couple of tweaks to my process really help this along:

  • Got an industrial scale so I can measure out my ingredients in grams. I highly recommend this to any of y’all who are ins search of a truly repeatable swing.
  • Increased my blending time and let the final blend sit, covered, overnight. Then added corrections the following day.

These two changes to my blending really seemed to help.

I want give a big shout out to the Baron Of Barbecue, Paul Kirk. His rib baste has been a go to for us for goin’ on twenty years, and it is SO MIGHT FINE! If I were going to open a restaurant of do any kind of commercial ‘que, this would be a staple. Gracias, Paul.

These are what I call “Destination Ribs.” One rack is going to a friend of mine who can’t get out much, but who LOVE barbecue. Another is going to a professor and transplant to Texas who has taken a shine to the Porkchop’s barbecue. Her two sons are coming into town next week from back East, and I thought the least ole ‘Chop could do is feed ’em some real deal South Téjas ribs. So, Doc: This rack’s for you!

Last rack? Well, a man’s gotta eat, so these are stayin’ put. Though not for long.


Had a great day of smokin’ and I hope y’all did, too. Christmas is comin’ and all and I just feel fortunate everyday that I can light another fire.

All the best to all y’all/. “Where there’s smoke, there’MEAT!” – Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree

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