HERITAGE PORK: This Ain’t Your Piggly Wiggly Piggy!

BarbecueNation LogoThis morning I had the good fortune to purchase a pork shoulder steak from South Texas Heritage Pork, at the Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio. Never tried it before but after consulting with co-owner of STHP Kelley Escobedo on prep and cooking technique, I resolved to give it a try.

On Kelley’s recommendation I wandered over to see Sally Drew at the HGD Foods booth and picked up a bottle of HGD’s Mango Chipotle Sauce. Marinated the shoulder steak in it  for several hours, fired up the Hasty-Bake with a solid quantity of Stubb’s lump and a few pecan logs, and brought it up to full grilling’ mode. Hot,hot, hot!

The steak was about an inch thick, so I seared it about two and half minutes a side with the hood closed to ramp up the smoke.

Whoa! This ain’t your grocery store pork. This is pasture raised pork finished with a blend of hay and peanuts, and the flavor of this meat is very unique, special and delicious. Not like any pork I’ve tasted before.The Mango Chipotle marinade put just the right amount of sweet and heat on the meat. I’ll be cooking this again, fo’ sho’!

Thought y’all would enjoy these links to South Texas Heritage Pork and to Big Picture Agriculture for more info:



Please note that Dupree’s Red Pig is NOT a breed at all! It is the Porkchop’s cooking’ and therefore a delicacy to be consumed.
All the best to all y’all.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s meat!”
– Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree

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