Smokin’ ‘Em, ‘Cuz He Got ‘Em!

My wife and I took a spin to Southtown San Antonio last night to try out the B & D Icehouse. Mighty fine barbecue here, folks. Ross Carter was on the pit last night and very  generous with his time, and here’s a guy with an interesting story. His first job in barbecue was at the fabled Salt Lick (In Dripping Springs, mind you, NOT Austin). He did a a stint a Franklin Barbecue and credits Aaron for teaching him a lot about the art of smoking meat! Now after fifteen years in the business he is on the pit at B&D working with Pit Master Jose Cueva, and one of San Antonio’s most successful restaurateurs, Jason Dady.

Checkin’ tomorrow’s briskets on the pit…Lookin’ good!

This brisket is prepared over a long hours in keeping with the latest twist on low and slow smoking. In a nod to Franklin, after the meat has spent about ten to twelve hours on the pit, it’s wrapped in butcher paper and stored overnight in a cooler (Ross is insistent: A Yeti!) before being brought up to temperature the next morning when it goes back on the pit.


The end result is a moist, tender smoky slice of brisket. On a Friday night at the B&D, that was just the ticket!

Thanks again to Ross Carter, and all the B & D Icehouse team, including Pit Master Jose Cueva, and top shelf front of the house  personnel Rueben and Spencer, for their outstanding hospitality, tasty meats and a terrific tour of the pit! These folks know their pit, love their craft, and take care of business.

All the best to all y’all.
“Where there’s smoke, there’s meat!”
– Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree


  1. Hey there Clarence Dupree, how you doing thanks for the shout out on your blog. I appreciate the mention feels good to get noticed for my hard work. But in can’t take all the fame it is a team effort. Like rueben and Spencer and our front of house crew Vincent that work with me here at B and D icehouse. And I feel I have to say I think I got miss quoted tho. I’m am not the Pit Master for B&D. I have earned the title of Pit Master just like I have earned the title of Chef thro hardwork and long hot hours in the kitchen. But alas Jose Cueva is B&D icehouse and BBQ’s Pit Master. If you can please make this mention it would be much appreciated. For I can not and will not feel right taking all the compliment and credit.

    1. Absolutely, Ross. You are so right to mention this. It’s team effort all the way, and I appreciate you mentioning it. I’ve edited the post to reflect your sentiments and I appreciate your respect for your colleagues in bringing this to my attention.

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