You gotta cook what you got, and Kansas City barbecue master Henry Perry seemingly cooked it all. Though some of the delicacies he prepared are no longer favored by the broader American palate, Henry played a key part in the development of Kansas City barbecue.

Henry-Perry-Ad-The Kansas City sun Kansas City MoDecember 22 1917(CLICK TO ENLARGE)

In 1920 he put on a barbecue for old men, women, and children that reportedly drew about 1,000. When asked why he did it, he replied “Because God has been so good to me.”

Henry died in 1940, at the age of 66, and the business passed to one of his employees, a man named Charlie Bryant. Charlie sold the business to his brother, and today the place, the legendary Arthur Bryant’s, is still in business, owner by the Berbiglia family.

All the best to all y’all
Where there’s smoke, there’s meat!”
-Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree

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