Learning’ ‘Bout Burnin!


We first learned about Bill Karau and his Karubecue smoker from a review by Max Good on the Amazing Ribs website.

Let me tell you this is one interesting piece of technology, and likely a damn good way to get the job done. The top mounted fire box, accompanied by internal convection fans (all legal for competition) is a challenge to pretty much any and all conventional thinking about how a smoker is supposed to set up, but by all accounts the results are rocking’ good.


A couple of issues with this particular cooker are the short duration of the burn (it needs to be refueled approximately every thirty minutes), and the fact that the logs must be uniformly brick size to fit the firebox and burn evenly. But these are minor, very minor if your quest is for the best of the Q, and not the rest of the Q. And the convection fans add a dimension of ease to controlling the temperature that has to be acknowledged.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to venture into the serious esoterica of smoking technology, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Not only is it fascinating, but the “U of Q” links on this site are packed with great information.

Props to Bill Karau for the information and for engineering a truly remarkable smoker. Check it all out at  http://www.kbq.us.

Seriously. Check it out.

All the best to all y’all.
“Where there’s smoke, there’s meat!”
– Clarence “Porkchop” Dupree


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